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Ensuring accessibility and availability of health care Products with technology

Pillsbee is an AI-powered B2B pharma platform that organizes and integrates Retail pharmacy procurement, logistics, and data across a single value chain for the daily fulfilment of pharma operations.

Pillsbee is re-engineering the B2B pharma sector by offering business intelligence and market insights to pharma stakeholders. Our AI-driven guided buying functionalities helps pharmacies to parameterize the procurement based on best deals, least procurement cost, delivery time and best deals on credit/cash. We provide delivery service of the orders placed, payments, and credit management services to retail pharmacies. Pillsbee will act as an omnichannel marketing platform for manufacturers, stockists, and distributors.


Features tailored with values

A pharma marketplace ecosystem

Creating a multichannel e-commerce platform connecting all stakeholders of the pharma sector. Digitalising B2B sales to focus on growth via a marketplace where Distributors/SKUs and pharmacies meet together.

AI-powered supply chain strategies

Pillsbee is bringing a resilient consulting system utilizing product availabilities, schemes, pricing, payment offers, market trends as factors, resulting in effective procurement and inventory management.

Serving pharma specific services

Pharma specific services like logistics, sales and expiry returns, credit note settlements, SaaS platforms for pharma management, working capital and payment management system etc.


Retail Pharmacies


Orders delivered






For Retail Pharmacies

Single point access of all market data

Access all fluctuating details like Product availabilities, schemes, pricing, payment offers, product launches, hot deals and much more on a single platform.

AI-powered guided buying suggestions

Includes market data to find products apt for their inventory and reduces prescription bounce backs

24x7 online order placing

No more staying behind with busy call centre based ordering.

Credit lines and payment gateways

Provide the convenience of a single payment for all orders and Embedded credit lines to ensure the availability of working capital.

Trackable logistics

Ensure real-time trackability to your orders.

Pharma specific services

We will handle your expiry/sales returns and credit note settlements, Providing pharma specific technology solutions as SaaS platforms.

For Pharma Distributors

Provide the online B2B experience your customers need

Your customers are now looking for an online purchasing experience available 24x7.

Omnichannel marketing platform

Exhibit latest schemes, pricing and product launches to the larger retail community.

Integration with existing software/ERP

Automate your billing process through our ERP Integration. Reduce manual efforts and delays in busy call centres.

Customer reach without geographical limits

Digital customer interactions help to grow without boundaries and more customer reach.

Better understand market

When digitalizing sales, patterns and trends get more visible, which implies better insights for inventory management and helps achieve better customer engagement.

Credit and payment management

Reduces credit load and facilitate seamless payment management systems.


Platforms and Servives

Retail pharmacy platform

E-Procurement platform with real-time product availability. Available on Android and IOS platforms. (Web & Windows coming soon)

Distributor Dashboard

Web platform to track and update orders, campaign management and payment tracking.

ERP Integration

ERP integration for seamless order management for retail pharmacies and Distributors.

Delivery Service

Provide Trackable delivery services for orders placed through the Pillsbee platform.

Coming soon

Payment Solutions

No cost Credit line facility up to 15 days for Retail pharmacies. Payment management facilities for Distributors.

Coming soon

Pharma Saas

Provide Technology solutions to existing pharma players to optimise operations and empower them to operate in the digital era.


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  • Search products & offers
  • 24x7 Ordering
  • Logistcs Services
  • Credit facilities
  • Buisiness insights
  • SaaS Solutions


30 / order
  • Search products & offers
  • 24x7 Ordering
  • Logistcs Services
  • Credit facilities
  • Buisiness insights
  • SaaS Solutions
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3599 / mo
  • Search products & offers
  • 24x7 Ordering
  • Logistcs Services
  • Credit facilities
  • Buisiness insights
  • SaaS Solutions
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4999 / mo
  • Search products & offers
  • 24x7 Ordering
  • Logistcs Services
  • Credit facilities
  • Buisiness insights
  • SaaS Solutions


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